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Thanks for checking out my portfolio as a Product Designer of over 15 years working in startups. Below are some sample work from companies I recently worked at. Please reach out to me on LinkedIn to find out more!

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Easily buy and sell crypto
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Parent-teacher communication app
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Trendy UX layout design of the home feed, calendar, and behavior management features of the Bloomz iOS mobile app displayed in iPhones.

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Edmund... Alias ‘The best man in the UI/UX world.’ Worked with him for various projects and found he is one of the best coworker I have worked with. Humble, team-player, hard-working, sharp, out of the box thoughts, result-oriented. Nehal Raval Lead Program Manager
I was extremely lucky to have Edmund as a manager. I’m always been impressed by how thoughtful he was in making every design decision, well articulated, easy to understand, and such a rewarding experience in every design discussion. He is genuine in character and takes care of the people he works with. Chih-Chin Lin UX Designer
Edmund is one of the best UI/UX designers I have worked with. His ability to grab the core piece and get into details, quick turnaround time for the design, coming up with a design and improvising on it continuously, and getting them into the product at the right time are some of the skills I admire in him. Muthu Arunachalam Senior Director of Product Mgmt
I was always impressed by his depth of knowledge in UX design. Without his contributions, I would have missed a number of differentiating factors in my product features. His innovative solutions have helped me in maintaining the right balance between feature functionality and usability. Abhishek Shukla Product Manager
Edmund is an excellent user experience designer who has the ability to grasp complex functionalities and technical constrains with ease, and exposes them to end user in an intuitive and simple fashion. We end up having a lot of engaging discussions. Senthil Kanthaswamy Product Manager
Edmund is one of the UX gems I have come across. He has a great combination of UX talent with great attention to detail combined with his passion, and his down-to-earth attitude that makes it fun to work with him. Chaks Appalabattula Founder & CEO of Bloomz
Edmund is that hard to find guy who has a lot of passion for what he does. And that passion clearly shows in his work. He not only has a great sense for UI/UX, but is also good product thinker. I should also mention that he is dedicated and hard working. Ashok Meyyappan Chief Product Officer of Bloomz
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Educational platform (for teachers, students, and district administrators)
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GlobalScholar desktop user experience for a student learner profile